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Founded in 2013, we have gained a lot of knowledge in the Himalayan Salt market by servicing many sectors with the salt and have worked with many small independent businesses also many international large-scale companies.  We strive to bring you the best salty solution for all your requirement

more about us

Saltan is a team of extremely dedicated salt purveyors based in Southampton.  Over the past 4+ years, we have risen to be a market leader in providing Himalayan Salt in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.


Speaking directly with customers and gaining feedback over time has given us knowledge and experience. Using this, we focus on always improving our service and innovating new products related to Himalayan Salt. 


Our most recent innovative developments are in Himalayan Salt Walls, providing frames for a growing number of specific applications along with the salt bricks or blocks to go with them.


Sourcing optimal salt with the purpose of seeking quality and the most consist salt possible, in the world of this exquisite, naturally marbled, raw salt. 


If you wish to get in touch with us, in relation to any salty requirement, you can do so by visiting our Contact Us page.

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