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Dry-Age Himalayan

Salt Walls & Frames


A natural, effective and stunning way to provide your customers with the highest level in dry-ageing.

Download our Butchers / Dry-Ageing PDF to learn more about our Salt-Ageing system. 

 Reduce Moisture 

Excess moisture is naturally drawn out of the meat through the salty atmosphere. Air humidity is lowered, and in turn, the meat imparts its moisture into the air. 


The dry environment salt walls maintain, promotes the desired chemical reactions to take place within the meat. This includes the denaturing of protein fibres, which tenderises the meat to provide a heightened level of succulence. 


The use of Himalayan Salt Walls in your maturation chamber creates a natural anti-microbial environment which prevents bad-bacterial growth and the adds possibility of maturing the beef for longer.

 Great Steaks 

The culmination of these benefits a salt wall brings to your dry-ageing chamber leads to the truly exquisite flavour only obtained by this process.

Saltan Salt-Age Himalayan Salt Walls for

Depth of flavour

Using Himalayan Salt Walls, butchers have been able to dry-age meat for extended periods of time without excess decomposition taking place.

This is because of the naturally

anti-microbial environment the salt chamber creates.

Butchers Salt Wall Frame System

For years we have been supplying the materials and advice required for many butchers to successfully build their salt wall and reap its benefits. Throughout this period, we have been in a prime position to gather vital feedback and suggestions as to how a butcher's frame system should work. Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible to minimise excessive cost without compromising any functionality.  Our proprietary frames solve the stress most butcher's encounter when building and maintaining their salt walls.

Airflow of Butchers Himalayan Salt Wall Frame System ©Saltan Ltd. 2017


Our system is built to allow the airflow above, behind and below the wall. This means air can circulate around the wall which doubles the surface area contact the air has with the bricks, imparting more flavour and drying the air out more effectively.   With our butchers’ salt walls, you get double the surface area contact than just stacking the bricks against the back wall.   


Himalayan Salt Walls are very effective at maintaining a relatively low humidity. Much of the time your salt wall should be dry to the touch. Sometimes the wall will have the demand to take on a lot of excess moisture, and so create run-off. This is often when new batches of meat are put into the room, the door is opened for extended periods, and after deep cleans or just if your fridge produces a lot of moisture. 


Our system comes with a specially fabricated drip tray to easily fit our salt wall solution. You can either attach a hose to the drainage point and lead it directly into a drain or leave a container underneath. 

Our system prevents your wall from sitting in a puddle of water which erodes the salt a lot quicker and can create instability.




Our solution is very easy to construct and maintain.  Assembly instructions are included with your salt wall clearly pointing out where the sections go. Maintaining the wall has been built with the user in mind. Each row of bricks is built to hold the supports and bricks of the following rows above. This means if there is any slight shrinkage the bricks will not fall out, as the next rows above them will just move down a few millimetres. 

Saltan Himalayan SaltWall Fame for Dry-Aging


Each row of bricks is securely held front and back to the main structure by a simple but effective system minimising the use of screws and bolts in the main salt brick channels.  


Salt walls tend to have a lot of weight, this makes them potentially dangerous if they are not constructed with the use of a stable framework. Our proprietary design gives strong & rigid stability without the use of any glues or chemical bonding agents which taint the air.


You can also add lighting behind the Himalayan salt bricks / salt blocks / salt slabs to create an absolutely stunning effect and unique way providing light levels that won't disturb the process of dry ageing.
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